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About Me

After 10 yrs of supporting & promoting African Music through my label 'Africantunz' I decided to start singing my favourite genres in Africa 'Afro Disco & Afro Pop'.  I was inspired by great legends like By4, Patricia Majalisa and many more. My music is produced by various high profile producers around Southern Africa including Harold Khoza, Nicholas Tjale & Shelter Matshelela. In May 2019 I released my first EP titled 'Pantsula Africa' which gives appreciation to all the disco fans / Pantsulas from all over Africa & the World. The single  'No Sharing Allowed' a song that helps educate listeners against piracy / music sharing was released in Feb 2020.  The majority of my songs covers big issues that affect people in communities and around the world e.g. crime, but I have also sung about social issues and personal experiences too.  One of my aims is to educate listeners / fans through my music. For a full bio please view my PDF titled 'Tom Wardle Bio 2020'

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