About Africantunz

Africantunz Records has an array of great releases. I am no longer releasing new projects for other artists through my label Africantunz , instead I am focusing solely on my independent music career. However all the releases are available digitally online to buy or on CD in certain record bars / sellers.  Releases include:

Zangwana  - Respect (Album)

Various Artists - Undiscovered Africa (Album)

Shelter Matshelela - Amandla (Album)

Oska Tee - The Upstage Album (Album)

Mpho Majiga - World Affairs (Album)

Oska Tee - Iinyembezi (EP)

Shelter Matshelela Feat Khuxxman - Mosquito (Single)

Coriano Feat Iko'Rhyms - Celebrate (Single)

Sub K - Success (Single)

Please click on the links to find out more about each release.

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