Artist name: Tom Wardle

Genre: Disco / Disco Fusion / Afro Pop

Origin: Bristol, UK

Releases:  Pantsula Africa (EP), No Sharing Allowed (Single),

My Journey (Album)

Label: Independent Artist

Marketing / Distribution: O'tee Productions SA

Main Producers: Harold Loftuzz Khoza, Shelter Matshelela & Nicholas Tjale

Studio Used for lead vocals: Tbone Studios -Bristol

After 10 yrs of supporting & promoting African Music through my label 'Africantunz' I decided to start singing my favourite genres in Africa 'Afro Disco & Afro Pop'.  I was inspired by great legends like By4, Patricia Majalisa and many  including up & coming artists from Southern Africa.  As I helped boost their music appeal overseas my love and passion for the music increased. Through my label Africantunz I released albums including Zangwana -Respect and Oska Tee - The Upstage album. I even compiled a 15 track compilation of various up & coming artists from all over Africa and titled it ' Undiscovered Africa'. More information on Africantunz can be found by clicking on THIS LINK.  In January 2020 I closed my label Africantunz to focus solely on my own projects which have been released independently under Tom Wardle.

My music is produced by various high profile producers around Southern Africa including Harold Khoza, Thando Zinto, Nicholas Tjale & Shelter Matshelela. In May 2019 I released my first EP titled 'Pantsula Africa' which gives appreciation to all the disco fans / Pantsulas from all over Africa & the World. The majority of my songs covers big issues that affect people in communities and around the world e.g. crime, but I have also sung about social issues and personal experiences too.  One of my aims is to educate listeners / fans through my music. 

 'No Sharing allowed' single was released in Jan 2020  The single helps educate people against music piracy / sharing in the music industry. To read a review please click here. My 8 track digital album titled 'My Journey' was released on 5th June 2020. One of the tracks included is a song speaking out against hunting elephants & rhinos titled' No More Hunting' featuring and produced by Vic Falls No.1 producer Shelter Matshelela.  On the title track 'My Journey' I sing about how I became involved in the music scene in Southern Africa. The track received 100% rating on Louder.me music platform. 

All my Tom Wardle covers are designed by myself personally using Photoshop & lightroom. This allows me to convey the mood I would like to bring through my artwork.  I can be followed on many social media platforms including Facebook , You Tube and Twitter and by signing up to my email newsletters.  For my full Bio please read my PDF document titled 'Tom Wardle Bio 2020'